The Power of Your Mind by David Williams and Nathanael Elsey – Trick


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Is telepathy real? This innocent little pocket book has the power to convince anyone that it IS.

Have your spectator flick to ANY page (no force) and focus on the pictures, playing cards or ESP symbols. Just by reading them out, in ANY order, you’ll know INSTANTLY which one is randomly highlighted green. The feat is instantly repeatable with items on the same page, or have them flick to a different page and repeat the test again. No matter how many times they do it – you are always right.

With so many random items to choose from, there’s NO WAY you could memorise the entire book… leaving extra sensory perception as the only explanation.

  • Easy to do
  • No memory work required
  • Have them flick to any page – No force
  • Always know the picture, playing card or ESP symbol they are invisibly communicating
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Use one or multiple spectators
  • Fits in your pocket

Once you receive The Power Of Your Mind book you’ll be out and about performing it within five minutes of watching the tutorial. The method is criminally simple yet devious – allowing you to focus purely on presentation.

Unlock The Power Of Your Mind now.

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