SB Watch Steel Limited Edition (Black) by András Bártházi and Electricks


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Introducing our SB Watch

These steel watches are made from stainless steel (both the watch case and the strap) and sapphire glass (front glass). Using stainless steel makes them heavier and bolder. They have the same movement inside as our other watch models, there’s no difference in functionality. The back of the watch is using a “screw back” mechanism. The size of the watch face is similar to our previous wristwatches. The strap width is standard 22 mm, so they are NOT compatible with our leather straps.

What’s included

  • The SB Watch of your choice
  • Activation code for the full TimeSmith app

The limited steel models are amazing, made from expensive materials, and designed to look like luxury watches. We have created only a few of each steel model, and we won’t make more of them.

Please note that because of the stainless-steel material, the Bluetooth range of the watch is ideal for a close-up show.

Additional information

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