Gilded Bicycle Bandana (Blue) Playing Cards


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Dive into a mesmerizing fusion of classic charm and modern opulence with the Bicycle Bandana Blue Gilded Playing Cards, presented exclusively by This special edition PCD Originals deck is a rarity, with only 200 of these blue gilded gems available. The beloved essence of the iconic bandana is beautifully captured, further elevated by the unparalleled artistry of our distinguished collaborator, Juniardi Satyanagara. Each court card, adorned in luxurious blue bandanas, alongside the bespoke pips reflecting iconic bandana motifs, offers a refreshing take on conventional card design. The signature blue paisley pattern on the card backs, accentuated with gilded edges, radiates sophistication, ensuring an elevated gaming experience with every deal.


  • Exclusively produced by
  • Special edition PCD Originals deck – only 200 crafted.
  • Artistic mastery by the acclaimed Juniardi Satyanagara.
  • Produced using the United States Playing Card Company’s (USPCC) distinguished stock.
  • Expertly cut for precision shuffling and smooth gameplay.
  • Gold tear band and gold seal on back.
  • Elegant court cards adorned with deep blue bandana designs.
  • Distinctive pips echoing the timeless bandana motifs.
  • Card backs graced with the gilded blue paisley bandana pattern.
  • Set comprises 52 cards, 2 jokers, and 2 gaff cards.

2023 Release

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