DR. SCHWARTZ’S RISING FLOATING CARD (Poker) by Dr. Schwartz – Trick


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A brand-new idea on the rising cards from Dr. Schwartz. Just imagine not only the selected card rising out of the deck, it now floats up into space. No wires, threads loops, weights, springs, zombie gimmick, glue tube and totally sealed inside an inverted glass that has been examined. You can walk away as the card rises and floats out of the deck into space.

You show 2 ungimmicked glasses and a deck of cards is handed out to exam and shuffle. A card is selected, shuffled back into the deck. The deck is placed back into the empty card box that’s sitting inside the glass. The other glass is inverted over this glass. Everything is concealed within the two glasses. You now walk away and command the selected card to rise from the deck. The card not only rises from the deck but floats out of the deck into the inverted glass. Your audience will gasp as they see the card floating up into the glass. You will amaze yourself just watching the rise and float. A must have effect.

Complete with video instructions.

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