Conundrum Issue 2


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Conundrum – Issue 2
A curiosity-filled magazine for the discerning magician

No ads
100 pages
Just Magic

Conundrum is a Montreal-based independent magazine for magicians by the husband-and-wife team of Marc Trudel and Sophie-Anne Vachon. Conundrum aims to highlight the best magic, showcase magicians we admire and give back to the magic community.

The stunningly visual and fully illustrated magazine is completely ad-free and printed in Canada on really high quality paper. It almost feels like a book. Its pages are filled with interviews, profiles, tricks, discoveries and creative inspiration! We go in-depth and explore magic through a discerning eye. We also choose to focus on the good stuff. Let’s celebrate what makes magic so great.

Inside Issue 2 you’ll find:

Rematch: A highly visual piece of magic from Michel Huot that can be used in both social media and the real world.

Ring of Gyges: Eric Jones contributes this mesmerizing vanish of a ring with tons of great applications. It’s like having a cloak of invisibility between your hands!

Anatomy of a Playing Card: This collaboration between Sophie-Anne and Lee Asher brings us more information about the history of playing cards than you ever dare to ask.

Gamechanger & Magic Maker: An in depth and important interview with Rosemary Reid shedding light on women in magic via the Sisterhood project.

Balloon Swallow: After hundreds of performances, Wes Barker gives it all away. A must-read if you’ve ever thought of performing this stunt.

Mirage: An impromptu card trick from our cover boy Spidey that will go straight into your working repertoire.

Sounds About Right: Music composer Medhat Hanbali shares dozens of recommendations so that magicians can improve the use of music and sound in their show.

Armadillo: The complete breakdown of a beautiful cardistry move from Bao Hoang.

Lazy Mentalist: Memorized deck specialist extraordinaire Martin Joyal helps us discover memory techniques… without having to memorize a full deck!

The Making of a Children’s Author: Amy Kimlat explains how to bring an idea to life… and how she got David Copperfield to collaborate on her project.

All of this, plus in-depth interviews, thorough reviews, articles on creativity, games, recommendations and all that makes Conundrum a truly magical, visual and entertaining magazine.

What they have to say:

“It is probably the best magic magazine out there right now.”
– Chris Ramsay

“What a great, modern magic publication. It has an amazing look that has been lacking in magic publications.”
– Marc DeSouza

“Took a look at this new journal in the dealer’s room at FISM. Highly recommended! It’s a big fat good-looking magazine!”
– Richard Kaufman

(Conundrum is a bi-annual magazine, perfect bound, 0.78 pounds, 10 ? Inches by 8 ¼ inches, thick 160gsm paper with a 12pt cardstock matte laminated finish for the cover.)

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