BUBBLE WAND (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Alan Wong – Trick


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A magic wand that blows bubbles is another must have for all children parties.

The new Bubble Wand makes every magical sense. It’s a 20cm long small magic wand that contains a bubble blower inside. You pull out the tip and blow magic bubbles, then catch one and it becomes a solid glass bubble that you give away to that special child!

Create a magic moment by having the child hold the magic wand and blow the bubble, then you catch it in mid air and give them the magic gift you both just created together!

Comes with a plastic magic wand with built in bubble blower, a pack of concentrated bubble fluid, a mini plastic pump for refilling the liquid, plus 6 high clear glass bubbles 22mm each in diameter.

Additional refill bubbles available separately for Bubble Wand and Bubble Sharpie.

Have a real magic wand that can create a real magic moment!

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