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Adrian Vega brings to you a surprising, poetical, original and very visual reputation maker piece, using one of the most magical toys, a bottle bubble blower.

When he imagined this almost when he was a kid, it was just a impossible idea in his mind, he only imagined the effect, but the method seemed to be impossible to find. Something too good, too magical to be possible.

After years of trying, restarting from scratch, and trying again, he finally developed a very nice and easy method to achieve this dream effect.

Imagine borrowing a spectator’s ring to make it travel inside of a bubble (sounds impossible already!), until you gently “splash” the bubble, Making the ring appears again, but… LINKED to the bubble wand.

We don’t want to say more, we just want to invite you to see the trailer and see how visual is.

Words do not do justice, just watch the trailer!

We would only say that it is unbelievable easy to do, and you will receive everything to perform it, including the special silk, two special bubble blowers and a full tutorial with different ideas and handlings for parlor or close up magic.

Forget about impossible maneuvers, non practical gimmicks or prohibitory expensive refills.

Full tutorial and full product, just practice it, and be a different magician creating new miracles like this one.


  • Everything is ready to go.
  • Very easy to do, and different handlings included for any situations.
  • You will be able to use the same bubble wand every single time if you want.
  • Play with it, have fun and create a visual miracle and your reputation with “Bubble Ring“.

“Empowered with the right tools, you can leave a lasting magical moment and impossible object. Childlike Wonder Meets Intellectual challenge. This trick Inspires my head and heart”
Garrett Thomas

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